Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delectable Dining!

Special occasions usually require a little more consideration when choosing a restaurant, however, being unfamiliar with an area can be frustrating at such times.  Trying to pick just the "right place" to celebrate our anniversary found us driving around on a very rainy day as we passed by many familiar restaurants and chains in hopes of finding something "different". 

Spotting "Aubrey's Restaurant" up on a hillside, inspired us to take the plunge into something new.  The challenge of just finding our way through the maze of turns leading to their parking lot was daunting enough.  More challenges awaited us inside as we would soon find out. 

The menu featured lots of tantalizing descriptions with a cryptic pricing that was confusing enough to force us to ask our waitress about it.  She explained the price codes and we attempted to narrow our choices down to just one.  My Dearest went with his all-time favorite of Chicken Fingers with sides of sweet potato fries and cole slaw.  I chose an apple/chicken salad with nuts and cranberries.  Our drink of choice was iced tea and our glasses were kept full throughout the meal.

A half-loaf of bread was brought out with our tea and our food followed this quite quickly.  It's hard to have any kind of real expectations about Chicken Fingers or salad, but I must say that we were "WOWed" by the plates that were placed before us.  The plates were generously full and the food was way beyond our imaginations. 

The Chicken Fingers were lightly battered with a tempura type batter and were fresh and crispy.  The "homemade" hickory sauce added just the right touch and the sweet potato fries were wonderful.  I couldn't stop myself from stealing a few every now and then.  My salad was equally as delightful and left me with enough room to share a dessert with my Dearest. 

We finished off the meal with a Chocolate pound cake with ice cream and caramel sauce.  Sharing one provided more than enough sweetness to make both of us happy without leaving us too full to smile.  The final tab came to $45 with the tip, which was a little more than we'd thought to spend, but the meal was well worth it in our opinion. 

The service was excellent and we had most of the restaurant to ourselves which was a part of our plan.  We came well after the lunch crowd and beat the dinner rush too.  This restaurant has earned a place in our hearts and will again be considered for future special occasions.  In the end, we can say, "we're glad we came!"

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