Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Deep, Deep Blue Dead Sea!

As we draw near to the end of our tour of Israel, there are still many places that we haven't seen.  This gives us plenty of excuses to find a way to come back to this country some day hopefully soon.  We know that we will be coming here to welcome our KING YESHUA some day when HE returns to this earth.  It is our hope that one way or another our return will be quick.  We fear that life away from this place will somehow pale in comparison after all that we've experienced here.

Today, I was "talking up" our Dead Sea swimming adventure as I tried to get DannyLee excited about it.  We had brought rubber swimming shoes and our bathing suits especially for this occasion.  He was going along with this idea somewhat hesitantly and I could sense his doubts about this whole thing.  As we got closer to the water, he said that we would just do some wading along the edge.  I laughed off his comment and secretly vowed to drag him in if necessary.  

No worries!  After some initial hesitation, I not only got him out into waist deep water, he even let me coat him in the black, ooey, gooey, mud that we found in potholes along the bottom of the sea.  

Here he is about 15 to 20 feet from the shore on a hidden "salt" bar doing a pretty good imitation of a "preacher".  Thanks to Rabbi Daniel, we have a picture to remember this moment by.  He was feeling pretty good about himself right about now.  It was a high point on our trip.  Soon it would be time to head back to the States and leave this all behind.  So sad........

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