Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 Days to Yerushalyem!

 Our first big hurdle on this journey would be the drive into Newark, New Jersey.  Being familiar with the East coast and East coast drivers only by reputation, didn't inspire in us a whole lot of confidence.  Having maps and directions given from every possible avenue of approach did little to ease our concerns.  Having been "hoodwinked" on more than one occasion by Yahoo maps, we drove towards our destination with some anxiety.  

Our fears were quickly realized as we found ourselves driving down this long street with a concrete barrier solidly down the middle.  One block, two blocks, three blocks, coming into miles, our tension increased as we saw ourselves moving away from our intended stopping point - Wyndham Gardens with no way to turn around.  This was not going our way at all.  Finally a turnoff appeared that would allow us to turn back.  Sighs of relief all around!

We finally reached our hotel with only a slight detour to cause us some concern.  Our travel plans required us to be at the airport early on Sunday morning so a night of rest was clearly in order.  On top of getting a welcome respite from our long drive, Wyndham Gardens offered a great deal on the internet with 14 days of free parking with a one night stay at their hotel.  

Earlier, I had booked in with a long-term parking lot that was going to cost us about $120 and we still needed a place to sleep for the night.  Changing that deal for the Wyndham offer only cost us $102 for a night in their hotel and we were able to leave our truck in their secured parking lot for free while we were in Israel.  This was definitely a far better option!

Our spirits were lifted each time the thought came to us that now we were even closer to our ultimate destination and there are only 6 more days until we reach Yerushalyem!

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