Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Days to Yerushalyem!

We landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv early in the morning - Israel's morning!  That might not seem like a problem except we got on the plane on a "New York" morning and spent our "day" eating, socializing, and watching movies on the flight.  Now it was "morning" again and we had a long day of touring ahead of us.  Hmmmm.................

The first day of our tour began in Tel Aviv with only a few stops to enjoy before we dragged into our hotel.  We had great hopes that our enthusiasm and excitement over finally being in the Land would be enough to carry us through.  I'd like to say that it worked out quite well, but there's a point where age becomes a factor in the equation and it seems that we've both reached that point.  Oh well.

A late afternoon nap and a nice dinner revived us enough for us to make a cursory exploration of the Tel Aviv beachfront that evening.  There's no finer place to take a walk than along the Med in Tel Aviv.  There were many different kinds of people walking, exercising, biking or just sitting and talking.  There's something unique about life in Tel Aviv that makes it seem apart from the rest of Israel.  Part of that may be because Tel Aviv is a modern city in comparison to places like Yerushalyem.  You don't see that same blend of the ancient and the modern until you get to Jaffa. 

All of our pictures are available for view under "LIJIT SEARCH" "MY CONTENT" below on the left.  Our countdown continues!

(By the way, I AM in these pictures.  I'm the one "behind" the camera!  ;>))

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