Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 Days to Yerushalyem!

Early this morning, we got on back on the bus and headed north.  Our one night at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv had passed pleasantly enough.  It was time to hit the road, a routine that's more than familiar to us.  Traffic in Israel despite the high cost of owning a car was not for the faint of heart.  We were glad not to be the one in the driver's seat.  

That would be Armon below and he was a wonder as he manuevered his great big beautiful bus along streets and byways that we would tremble at driving with just our pick-up.  The thought of trying to keep our Big Horn moving along those same streets gave us the shivers.  Again and again we had to acknowledge Armon's superior driving skills as he appeared undaunted with the challenges he faced moment by moment.  DannyLee's hat was off to him!

We spent much of this day touring Caesarea which hosts the only golf course to grace the Land of Israel.  (GASPS!!)  The ruins of Herod's palace and this great seaport are surrounded by a modern community that looks very much like a retirement community you'd find anywhere in Arizona or Florida.  The cost of living in this place was well beyond our imaginations.  DannyLee had to put aside any thoughts of teeing off on these greens for now, but we're confident that we'll be back someday and he'll be ready then. 

Our tour of the Haifa area took us through the lush green forests on Mount Carmel that have now been reduced to ashes much to our grief and dismay.  The drought conditions throughout the Land were evident as we traveled about, but no where was it more evident than in the north.  As one of our fellow travelers said in a recent e-mail, our hearts are deeply saddened by this tragedy.  

After several stops in the Haifa/Mount Carmel area, we headed for Tiberius to the next hotel on our itinerary - the Leonardo Club Hotel.  So far our plans to keep our luggage light by carrying the minimum amount of clothing and doing a little laundry every day was working out.  Our biggest advantage was having access to a small balcony at every hotel.  It never took more than a night to dry anything.  Clean underwear is a must! 

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