Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whittle Springs?

 Since we began our RV adventure, the place name -Jackson has figured foremost in grabbing our attention.  You can find a Jackson street in just about every town it seems and there are 24 states with towns of that name also.  After a few months of travel, the novelty of chasing that name wore off.  

We'd never considered that there might be places named "Whittle" so this little find was quite a surprise.  Whittle Springs is a tiny little community stuck right in the heart of Knoxville.  It has a school and lots of houses, but it's crowning achievement (per DannyLee) is the Whittle Springs Golf course
He was so excited with this find that he even went out and bought a new golf hat in honor of this occasion.  He inquired about a special discount in light of his namesake, but they just laughed it off.  

Overall, this medium range, regulation sized golf course was a delight to play.  There were plenty of rolling hills and ancient trees.  His final score was nothing to "croak about", but he was happy to have had a chance to play at the end of the day!

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