Friday, October 29, 2010

Announcing "Torah Time"!

The study of Torah is a very important part of our daily lives.  We believe that the Torah teaches us how to live first as YHVH's own peculiar people and secondly, how to live together in communities as brethren.  Although DannyLee and I have been studying Torah through many annual cycles, each cycle is really a new beginning and an opportunity to learn much, much more.  There's nothing repetitive or boring about studying HIS Word as HE brings it alive in our daily lives.

Many people have been taught that the study of Torah is something "Jewish".  Yes, people in the Jewish religion do study Torah as do some in Christianity.  The study of Torah begins with the first five books of the Bible but it doesn't end there. The revelations of Scripture begins in the Book of Genesis and continues through the Book of Revelation. The knowledge and wisdom that come through Torah studies are vital to our daily lives as Hebrews. 

Studying Torah is enhanced with access to a good Torah teacher hopefully well-versed in the Hebrew language. Monte Judah at Lion and Lamb Ministries has been our primary teacher since I first learned of Torah while living in Thailand.  His experience and love of Torah as well as the witness he provides makes his Torah lessons challenging and intriguing.  There are other Torah teachers available via the internet and in various Messianic groups.  It's best to choose a teacher that speaks to you at your level of understanding.

As a part of this year's Torah cycle, DannyLee and I are embarking on a new adventure.  We have launched a new blog site called Torah Time.  Here we will present a basic overview of each week's Torah portion with our comments attached.  Our purpose is twofold as we find that our efforts to write meaningful text helps us to more deeply consider each Torah lesson.  Also, it is our hope that others will be encouraged to try and learn more about the Scriptures for themselves.  In the end, it is our prayer that you will be blessed as you join us for "Torah Time".

UPDATE: (8/3/2011)  We are still noticing an interest in Torah that brings people to this particular post.  We continue to pray that this reflects a growing worldwide interest in studying Torah.  We found ourselves overwhelmed with trying to maintain all of our blogs with a very heavy travel schedule and stopped doing entries on this blog for a long while.  However, our love of Torah has prompted us to renew our writings on this blog as we are able. 

As we continue to study Torah we find that it's vital to our daily lives and in knowing HIS way, and HIS voice.  There is nothing that anyone can do that is more important for preparing ourselves for what is coming our way.   DannyLee continues to post his thoughts and studies on his blog YourTexasCashMaster as he is led by our MASTER.  My personal transformation to a Torah lifestyle is told on my blog Torah-morphosis - Transforming a life with HIS Word.  We pray that you are encouraged to seek HIS way for yourself through the many excellent websites that are out there.

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