Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "Missing Months"

Where? Oh, Where?  Is Anyone there?
Since we never actually get any comments on our blogs, we have to simply hope the people that read our blogs are receiving some sort of value for spending their time perusing our thoughts.  We know that "you" are out there reading our blogs because we have counters that record the locations of our world-wide readers.  

Sadly, I confess my "hope" did finally wear out to the point that I lost all enthusiasm for posting here.  Thus, we have this gap that I will call the "Missing Months".  Many things happened during the months since my last post.  Some things were good and others, not so good. 

During this time I will refer to as "MM", we have continued our travels and adventures in our "Nest".  Our enthusiasm for travel and adventure has in no way abated and each time we prepare to hook up and hit the road again, we always find ourselves in high spirits no matter the cause for moving.  I will be interjecting some posts back into this blog in the hopes of sharings a few of our highs and maybe a couple of lows if I can bring myself to write of such things.  

For now, all I can say is that it's good to be back at the keyboard again!

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