Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fall Festival of Sukkot

Celebrating Sukkot is supposed to be a joyous time of gathering with your friends and family to celebrate the harvest.  This is the final "commanded feast" of the Biblical year given to us in Leviticus Ch. 23:34.  

During this feast we are commanded to live in "booths" or "tents".  Many people travel great distances in order to celebrate this feast.  There are even some that make the trip to Israel to be able to join the festivities in Jerusalem.  The overwhelming crowds would be my biggest deterrent to making such a journey. 

Our Sukkot celebration this year was very small and quiet.  Since we already live in what is considered by many to be a kind of "temporary dwelling" (an RV), we focused on spending our time outside next to our little campfire as often as we could.  DannyLee kept us entertained with rousing renditions of his new songs and I rose to the challenge of preparing different versions of our favorite breads.  As always, we were left with a deep longing for that day when we will join with our Holy King in HIS Holy City of Yerushalyem. 

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