Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Walk in the Park

No trip to Seguin would be complete without a walk in Max Stark Park.  There weren't any pecans to be picked up at this time of the year, but locals assured us that there would be a "bumper crop" of them in the Fall due to the bountiful Spring rains.

Of course, Ariela really enjoyed the shady lanes and the occasional glimpse of squirrels playing among the trees.  Her only frustration comes from not being able to run free with them also.  She is still learning how to walk along with us politely and often has moments of madness where her will collides with ours.  This results in a momentary tug of war that usually ends with a sigh and a disgusted look. 

A trip to a local pet store revealed plans to create a dog park.  After seeing how much fun Ariela has meeting and playing with other dogs, we hope that they are able to get enough support for this venture.  Dogs need to have fun too!

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