Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catfish Round-up RV Park - Seminole, OK

This little RV park in Seminole, OK was a delight.  We stayed here for a week to join with Mike Clayton and his "family" for their Passover celebration.  It wasn't very full so we were able to get a spot right next to the little pond at the back of the property.  Our only disappointment was that our site was situated so that our dining room window was on the wrong side.  The view to the east was beautiful. 

There was an abundance of wildlife in this area.  Some of the animals were in enclosures and others such as the geese, ducks, turtles and other birds roamed the park freely.  We even had more than one "Big Horn" in the park while we were there.  The signs were in place warning of the dangers of the animals.  No warnings were given regarding the "Big Horns" and DannyLee ended up with a big lump on his head in a close encounter with one of those.

The unfunny part of this story is that we went to the Dollar Tree to buy one of those pool noodles to put on the corners of the bedroom slider.  He has a tendency to bump his head there quite often.  We had just put on the noodle earlier when he went out to check on the moonrise.  He was looking
down at his feet and walking when BAM!  He walked right into the side of the slider completely missing the noodles.  After finding out if he was okay, we had a good laugh about that.  

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