Friday, April 16, 2010

"Home" is Where Your "Big Horn" Is!

Singing is what DannyLee loves to do and what he does best!  April maintained it's reputation for "April showers" as we found ourselves with gigs on the 15th, 16th and 17th of the month.

Here DannyLee is working the floor at the Heartland Rally in Spring, TX.  There weren't all that many singers interested in taking the mike, but DannyLee is always happy to fill in the spaces in-between with his favorite songs.

It was really fun to meet some of my "friends" from the Heartland forum face to face.  One of my most reliable Heartland "experts" JimToo and his wife, Bette celebrated his birthday with friends all around.  The Heartland representative, Jim Beletti took the time to meet with the owners and share with them his expertise.  This guy is a "class act" and we really appreciated his dedication to supporting Heartland.  We look forward to seeing these guys again somewhere down the road....................

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Singing in Seguin

DannyLee had the opportunity to sing on-stage at the Silver Senior Center in Seguin.  Here they have a monthly country music show in order to raise funds for their activities.  There were a variety of singers and styles from country to gospel to please the crowd.  

DannyLee sang some of his favorites as Johnny Cash for the delight of the audience.  There were smiling faces all around as people headed home at the end of the evening.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Walk in the Park

No trip to Seguin would be complete without a walk in Max Stark Park.  There weren't any pecans to be picked up at this time of the year, but locals assured us that there would be a "bumper crop" of them in the Fall due to the bountiful Spring rains.

Of course, Ariela really enjoyed the shady lanes and the occasional glimpse of squirrels playing among the trees.  Her only frustration comes from not being able to run free with them also.  She is still learning how to walk along with us politely and often has moments of madness where her will collides with ours.  This results in a momentary tug of war that usually ends with a sigh and a disgusted look. 

A trip to a local pet store revealed plans to create a dog park.  After seeing how much fun Ariela has meeting and playing with other dogs, we hope that they are able to get enough support for this venture.  Dogs need to have fun too!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our “Whittle” Family Grows!


RUFF!! My name's Ariela Grace.  I can't type so my human is going to type this for  me.  I wanted to try but she doesn't like my paws on her computer.  GRRR!

I've been saved.  I was found wandering the streets of San Antonio hungry, dirty and without any tags or collar.  The "Guardian Angel" program of the Animal Care Service in San Antonio found me and put me in a foster home.  I really liked my foster family.  They were very kind to me.  They liked me too.  I know they wanted me to stay with them, but they already had a dog.  I think she thought I was just one dog too many for the house.  I’m sure she will miss me. 
My foster Mom put an ad about me on Craigslist and it was just in time.  My new family was in the area and looking for a dog just like me!  How cool is that!  RUFF!! RUFF!!

My new family came to meet me at my foster home and they liked me right away.  (I could tell cause they took some pictures and they kept smiling at me.)  They visited with us for a while and then they had to go home.  I wanted to go with them, but there was paperwork for them to do so I got to spend one last night with my foster family. 
I wanted them to remember me so as they were leaving, I ran over and lay on my back at their feet so they could scratch my tummy.  (I really think that worked! RUFF!!)  They came the next day to meet me and my foster Mom at the shelter and my new life began.
P4070073 P4070074 I really like my new “house” though it is a bit strange.  It has lots of things in a small space and many new smells to explore.  After riding in their truck, I was tired so I needed a nap.  This is my favorite way to sleep.  The first night I slept in the living room/dining room/kitchen.  On the second night, I wanted to sleep with my humans, but they made me sleep on the floor at the end of the bed instead.  GRRR!! 
I think they really like me too.  They give me treats and bought me some nice toys.  I really like when we go out for walks.  There are many other dogs and cats and these funny looking chickens here in this place.  I think I will like being a “gypsy dog”.
Oh, before I go, I want to tell you about my name.  It comes from Hebrew and it means:  Ari – lion(ess) El – God and I’ve been saved as have all believers by HIS “Grace”.  I think that’s a pretty neat name.  It makes me feel strong and brave and loved. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catfish Round-up RV Park - Seminole, OK

This little RV park in Seminole, OK was a delight.  We stayed here for a week to join with Mike Clayton and his "family" for their Passover celebration.  It wasn't very full so we were able to get a spot right next to the little pond at the back of the property.  Our only disappointment was that our site was situated so that our dining room window was on the wrong side.  The view to the east was beautiful. 

There was an abundance of wildlife in this area.  Some of the animals were in enclosures and others such as the geese, ducks, turtles and other birds roamed the park freely.  We even had more than one "Big Horn" in the park while we were there.  The signs were in place warning of the dangers of the animals.  No warnings were given regarding the "Big Horns" and DannyLee ended up with a big lump on his head in a close encounter with one of those.

The unfunny part of this story is that we went to the Dollar Tree to buy one of those pool noodles to put on the corners of the bedroom slider.  He has a tendency to bump his head there quite often.  We had just put on the noodle earlier when he went out to check on the moonrise.  He was looking
down at his feet and walking when BAM!  He walked right into the side of the slider completely missing the noodles.  After finding out if he was okay, we had a good laugh about that.