Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Amarillo by Morning" -- NOT!

Okay!  Okay!  It was late afternoon when we arrived in Amarillo.  DannyLee had planned a fuel stop at the "Flying J" as is his custom.  This "Flying J" left a little to be desired in the arrangement of their RV lane.  It was clear from the paint scrapes on the end of this post that more than a few RV's had come into contact with it when their owners didn't make this tight turn.  I pointed it out to DannyLee (as any good navigator would) but the next RV that came in after us wasn't so alert and their "toad" was in clear danger of getting badly scratched.  I could see the "passenger/navigator" frantically waving her arms about and trying to see from the front window of large class "A" how best to circumnavigate this hazard.  We were leaving at that point so I didn't see the outcome.  I hope she saw it in time. 

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