Monday, March 29, 2010

Pesach (Passover) 2010, Seminole, OK

The celebration of Pesach or Passover as it's called in English is the harbinger of Spring and the first of the Biblical Spring feasts.  This is a family oriented feast with the focus on remembering the events of the Book of Exodus.  We tell the story to our children as if we were there and had taken part in them.  As we don't have any children living with us, we told the story to each other.

We had to prepare for this feast by removing all of the leaven from our "Nest".  This led to a flurry of breadmaking during the weeks prior.  This teaches us about removing leaven or "sin" from our lives.  As the search for leaven shows clearly, sin is often hidden from our sight and must be sought for carefully.  DannyLee and I went through all of our cabinets and food storage areas carefully to clear all of the leaven from them.  It was a fun time for both of us.

The next day begins the second of the Biblical feasts called Unleavened Bread.  This feast lasts for seven days and during those seven days only unleavened bread or matzoh is eaten.  This reminds us of the first seven days of the Exodus when our people did not have time during their travels for the bread to rise.  Matzoh's not so bad with a little butter or even made into pizza.  We love thin crust pizza the best anyway.

We are trying to live by a lunar calendar as we pursue a Hebrew life defined by Torah.  This often places our holy days and Shabbats out of sync with those that follow other calendars.  We don't mind as this year we got to celebrate Pesach twice, once at home with a private celebration and then again two days later with a larger group.  

This year we ate goat meat instead of lamb.  It was our first time and it was very tasty.  We also got to make lots of new friends as we joined with Mike Clayton and his extended family in Seminole, OK.  He and his family worked hard to make this event as real and meaningful as possible to everyone.  It's not every day that one gets to hear the story of the Exodus right from the mouth of "Moses and Aaron".  We were very blessed!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Horse Tradin' at a "Flying J"

It was now time for us to hit the road east to Oklahoma to celebrate Passover with friends.  This picture was taken in Sayer, OK at a "Flying J".  

Of course, we spend a lot of time at "Flying J's" so it's not surprising that we would see a lot of unusual things there.  We are learning not to be surprised ourselves after spending more than a few nights "camped" out in their parking lots.  

This was the first time I've seen a "horse trade", however!  The horse seemed to be okay with this new arrangement and left quietly with his new owner.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Amarillo by Morning" -- NOT!

Okay!  Okay!  It was late afternoon when we arrived in Amarillo.  DannyLee had planned a fuel stop at the "Flying J" as is his custom.  This "Flying J" left a little to be desired in the arrangement of their RV lane.  It was clear from the paint scrapes on the end of this post that more than a few RV's had come into contact with it when their owners didn't make this tight turn.  I pointed it out to DannyLee (as any good navigator would) but the next RV that came in after us wasn't so alert and their "toad" was in clear danger of getting badly scratched.  I could see the "passenger/navigator" frantically waving her arms about and trying to see from the front window of large class "A" how best to circumnavigate this hazard.  We were leaving at that point so I didn't see the outcome.  I hope she saw it in time. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Arizona in Late March?!?!?

YES!  The sign does say "Flagstaff" and this picture was taken during the very last week of March as was the one below.  This is more snow than I've seen in years literally and it's breathtakingly beautiful from the window of a nice warm vehicle.  

Once again I have to say, "So much for "global warming!"

DannyLee says this mountain is called "San Francisco Peak" and for most of the year is covered with snow.  I'm not sure how it got in Arizona, but if it ever ends up as "oceanfront property" as in the song by George Strait, a least it can stand as a memorial to one of the most beautiful cities in California.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

North to Phoenix

We headed north to Phoenix to visit with family and catch up with old friends.  DannyLee picked this RV resort in Goodyear for our stay.  

Because of a serious accident on I-10, it basically took us nearly 8 hours to do what would normally be a 3 hour drive.  We had hit the road early hoping to avoid Friday/Phoenix traffic.  Hmmm............

This is not a view that most wives would like to see I'm sure!  DannyLee's not actually leaving me behind or forgetting something (someone!) important here.  I stayed behind to take some pictures of the park while he went off to pay the electric bill.  He graciously responded to my outstretched thumb on his return and allowed me to climb into the "navigator's seat".

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Deja View!"

No trip to Arizona would be complete without a trip to see DannyLee's beloved Arizona Diamondbacks playing baseball!  Our FATHER has been more than generous in this regard and our time in Tucson just happened to coincide with the opening day of Spring Training. 

The weather couldn't have been better.  Sadly, we learned that this will be the last opening game for Spring Training held in Tucson, at least for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Next year, they will move to Phoenix. 

Oh no!  Not these guys again!  

Here we have the Colorado Rockies and I say again because the last baseball game we got to see in Denver last summer was between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.  Sadly, the Spring Training game was pretty much a replay of the previous game and the Rockies basically put the Diamondbacks to shame with an 11-1 "thumping".