Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Westward Bound

Today we left Hondo, TX and headed west.  It didn't take us long to get back to I-10 and we soon found ourselves on the same route we'd traveled on our maiden voyage back in June 2009.  This trip, however, was focused in a very different direction.  We're off to Mexico in a few more days! 

The road conditions were definitely better this second time around, but "global warming" left us with grim prospects for long, cold nights if we boondocked so we opted to overnight at an RV park in Van Horn with a full hook-up.  It seemed like a good idea until we got up the next morning to a very cold start and a dead battery on the truck. Our truck is NOT a lover of cold weather.  Good thing we're heading west.  We heard that Dallas got a foot of snow just after we left Texas.  Hmmmm..............

A local gave DannyLee a ride to a nearby service station (and I mean very "nearby" as in less than a quarter-mile away!) where the mechanic was happy to come out and give us a jump-start at a cost of $115.  While we were grateful to get back on the road again, this "kindness" left us with a bit of a bad taste in our mouths.  Our little "sparky" device which has been a big help in the past wasn't able to save us this time. 

We made a brief stop in Lordsburg, N.M. at the Flying "J" station.  This is the first place that we stayed when we left Texas back in June 2009.  It was the first of many nights that we've spent either in Flying "J"s, "Wally Worlds" or Love's parking lots in our travels.  It sure beats the high cost of hotels/motels and roadside "dives".  While breakfast isn't free at the Flying "J", it's well worth the cost in the morning.  We certainly appreciate the businesses that allow us to park overnight in their parking lots and we always seek to support them with our business.  DannyLee plans all of our traveling and stops with them in mind. 

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