Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Viva La Mexico!

Today we headed across the border on a "visa run".  This bleak passage from the U.S. to Mexico looks rather dreary and unwelcoming at first.  This was erased with our first encounter with the Mexican border guards.  Reading the signs on the side of our truck, they gathered around with excitement to ask DannyLee about his alter-ego "Johnny Cash".  Each of them had a favorite song or comment about the "Man in Black". 
One man was asking us about his favorite JC song  "Ballad of Barbara".  DannyLee had to confess that this wasn't one that he was familiar with even as we wondered whether or not this would somehow disqualify us from entering Mexico.  No worries!  They warmly welcomed us to continue on our way with a friendly reminder that this was a very good song to know for future reference.  The rest of our group had gone on ahead probably wondering if we had somehow run afoul of the authorities.  We caught up with them at KM21 and laughing, filled them in on our first encounter with Mexico.  "Johnny Cash" was to follow us south as we would soon find out.

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