Friday, February 26, 2010

Hasta la Vista Mexico!

Friday morning found us awake bright and early and ready to hit the road heading north.  Visiting Mexico was a real adventure for us, but we had been stretched enough for now.  Life without cell phones, internet access and an electrical hook-up ("long story not worth telling") was starting to wear on us and we felt the need to get back to our work.  (Or maybe it's just the lure of being "on the road again..........)

What did we learn on our Mexican adventure?  A lot!

We learned that no matter whether they're called topes or speedbumps, they matter to our rig.  We learned to hate them even more than we already did.

We learned that it's far easier to travel by ourselves than it is to be a part of a large group heading down the road.  This lesson was not an encouragement to us as we consider our future in the greater Exodus that we believe is coming soon.  We found ourselves deeply considering the difference between being a sheep and a shepherd.  We were able to sympathize with the "sheep" even as we relate to the challenges of being a shepherd.  

We learned that no matter how much you prepare for the unexpected, the unexpected will find you out in however you're not prepared.  We'd gone to great lengths to prepare for less than favorable electrical hook-ups in Mexico.  We had no idea as to how unfavorable our connection was going to turn out to be.  The site that DannyLee was directed to squeeze our 38' "Nest" into didn't have an electrical hook-up and we didn't have any way of getting out of that space once we'd gotten in there.  Fortunately our solar set-up and the bright sunny days of Mexico along with two tanks of propane saw us through this dilemma.  

We learned that "angels" come in many colors - even my favorite, green!  This is a "green angel" that appeared just ahead of us at the military checkpoint.  We'd been given dire warnings about how the military check would be intense and thorough.  The line prior to even reaching the checkpoint stretched for miles lined with armed soldiers and semis that appeared to have been there for hours.  We approached all of this with a bit of trepidation only to have the soldier on duty in our lane wave us through with a big smile and some funny efforts at communicating with us by shouting "Big Horn" at us a couple of times as we repeated it back to him.  Our experience at the U.S. border wasn't all that different and we felt that our prayers for favor in all of this were heard.

We learned that our camera has a built-in funny bone.  During the dancing in Hermosillo, DannyLee was invited to come up on the stage by one of the lovely young dancers to take a spin with her.  At that exact moment, the up-till-then perfectly functioning camera decided that it needed some kind of technical attention causing me to miss that photo op.  Grrr.............

One lesson that really reached into my heart on this trip is something I hope I never forget.  I have the perfect life and the perfect man in my life for me.  I have always loved to travel and yet I've never been all that keen on hotel rooms.  There's no better place to sleep than in my own bed with my own bathroom close at hand.  The RV life is the life for me as I get to have the best of both and my darling DannyLee is always excited about hitting the road with me to see what's just over that next hill.  Even better than that, he loves to drive so I get to sit back, take pictures along the way and feed him all the snacks he can eat.  It doesn't get any better than this!  Thank YOU FATHER YHVH!!


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