Thursday, February 25, 2010

Entertained or Entertaining?

Our last day in Kino Bay turned into a musical interlude.  One of the locals stopped by as we were preparing to head north to share some of his music with DannyLee.  He pulled his guitar out of his trunk and played some of his compositions for us.  Danny pulled out his guitar and shared a song with him too.  The atmosphere in Kino must be conducive to making music.  DannyLee was able to write the words to a new song while we were there.  I think it will be a hit! 
Ken told us that the summers in Mexico were too hot to go outside so he spent all of his time inside perfecting his guitar strumming and picking.  We'd say it was time well spent.  He has a lovely style of music.  He played several songs for us and then invited us to come and stay at his house there in Kino Bay anytime we wanted.

We ended our last day in Kino Bay with a Johnny Cash appearance and some fun karaoke performances.  DannyLee had a great time singing his favorites for the Escapee's crowd and some of the local supporters.  The restaurant owner, Jorge, that provided the food for dinner, joined in with his guitar and a few songs while I got to play "human mikestand".  Hmmmm.........

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