Thursday, February 18, 2010

Benjamin Hill, Sonora

This is normally a soccer field in Benjamin Hill.  The town prepared for our arrival by clearing it for our use.
With 69 rigs ranging from Class "A"s to travel trailers, it looked more like an RV dealer's lot.  We tried to make some "guess-timates" as to the value sitting in that field, but we'll never know how close we got to the truth.

These are the "Green Angels" plus one DannyLee, former security officer.  The "Green Angels" are funded by the Mexican Department of Tourism to provide roadside assistance to tourists.  They graciously offered to escort the Escapee's Mexican Connection rally participants through various legs of our trip.  Their presence was greatly appreciated as we navigated the unfamiliar roads and the dreaded "TOPES".  Their friendly faces and green and white trucks were a welcome sight throughout our travels in the state of Sonora.  

Traveling in Mexico often brought tears to my eyes as it has much in common with my beloved Thailand.  The poverty of the people, the crazy constructions of corrugate and plywood and the menagerie of animals that were found alongside the roads were all familiar sights to me.  Vendors hawked goods alongside the roads and gathered at the main "topes" in the villages to besiege the drivers with all sorts of products unknown to us.

While DannyLee was trying to ease his way over the large speedbumps known as "topes" and the smaller ones called "vibratoes", he also had to deal with people trying to sell him stuff.  Needless to say, his patience got a little thin with this at times.  I'm not sure what the wisdom is in having such things in the road, but it didn't add to our enjoyment in any way.  Instead of making us want to stop and check out the smaller villages, it made us want to hurry up and just get through them and get away.  I'm sure that this isn't their intention.

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