Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The Beach! The Beach!"

Presenting the Sea of Cortez! 

As it is known to the locals, the Sea of Cortez is a delight to the eyes after miles and miles of cacti and scrub and desert sand littered with the trash and wastelands of junk and junkyards that line the highways and byways of Mexico.  The shoreline is clean and free of trash and is a treasure trove for shells for those so inclined.  It was a joy to finally arrive at our destination.
Kino Bay RV Trailer Park

This was our final destination in our travels south of the border.  Many others in the group had plans to head even further south after the rally, but we had other things calling us back.  To the left of the Kino Bay sign, you can see the road sign for the dreaded "topes".  Miss that sign and you could find yourself catching some "air" by mistake.  They had a reason for instilling great fear.  I have to confess that DannyLee missed a couple and we weren't too happy about it.  Fortunately, the worst thing that happened was that a couple of pictures fell off the walls. 

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