Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making Like a Squirrel!

This was the highlight of Seguin for us - the trees! There are beautiful OLD trees everywhere in this town and none are more beautiful than the ones we found in the Max Starke Park. The trees were even more incredible because so many of them are pecan trees and this park is literally covered with them.

People come out daily during the harvest season to "make like squirrels" and pick up pecans. We spent a few days ourselves out with the squirrels enjoying the warm sunshine and the thrill of "the hunt". Our first time out we didn't know just how much fun it would be to pick up nuts and soon we filled DannyLee's pockets on his jacket. The second time out we filled his jacket pockets and his jeans. This was a little bit too "squirrelly" for him so on our third adventure we took along a plastic bag and saved his pockets for other things.

At first, I was feeling a little guilty about the cute little squirrels and taking their nuts, but there are so many that I'm sure the squirrels have far more than they could ever eat squirreled away. I don't know who Max Starke is and the website for the park doesn't share that information, but he's a hero in my sight! He's created a beautiful place for the people of Seguin to get away from it all. DannyLee even managed to "squirrel away" a few golf balls on their beautiful 18-hole golf course and that's always a winning proposition for him. Bless you Max Starke!

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