Friday, December 11, 2009

Celebrating the Festival of Lights - Hanukah

The final holiday of the Hebrew year is Hanukah or the Festival of Lights. This holiday falls during the month of December every year and has become for many messianic believers somewhat of a substitute for the pagan holidays inherited from our fathers. (1 Peter 1:18) It's hard not to fall into that especially in a household with children.

We will be celebrating this Hanukah in our new home with limited space for burning lots of candles. Our first challenge was in finding the candles that we needed for our menorah. Ordering such things from the internet requires a bit more forethought and planning than we seem to be capable of so we found ourselves on a hunt for them.

Last year we found the T.J.Maxx carries a limited supply, but a search of four stores in driving range of our current space turned up nothing. Fortunately, a World Market in the area of the T.J.Maxx store had a variety of candles on display at the front door completing this task.

We then turned our thoughts to latke's or potato pancakes, a traditional Hanukah food. Our local Wal-mart had run out of hash brown potatoes last week so I faced the prospect of making them from fresh potatoes which is not all that fun. Again, our prayers were answered and Wal-mart came through with a supply of hash browns. It looks like our plans for this holiday are well in hand and we look forward to celebrating the miracle of the oil and the time of the conception of our Saviour, Yeshua the Messiah. Hag Chanukah sameah!

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