Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're BACK!!!!

........on the road again!! YEEE-HAW!!

While this picture ain't nothin' like Texas, (I think I took this in Montana) that view of the open road spread out before our hood is one that stirs my heart with absolute joy. We headed out this morning for warmer parts and as we hit the road shouts of celebration reverberated throughout the truck. DannyLee just smiled quietly in tolerance of my extreme exuberance. I tried to explain to him that somehow, somewhere "gypsy blood" has become a part of me and there's nothing better than going somewhere/anywhere. It just stirs something in me deep inside.

Having a "home on wheels" means to me that we're a "traveling band" and we're just not meant to be sitting in some fancy parking lot somewhere for all that long. I'm not sure that I'll feel this way forever as we often meet people who tell us that they were once full-timers themselves but not anymore, but I confess that I've been this way for as long as I can remember. Whether my family traveled when I was a child or I was on a business trip during my career days or during my world travels, my heart still leaps with excitement at the airport, train station or at the beginning of long trip.

So there are lots more places out here to be explored and sights to see and many other things that we may just have to stop and take a good long look at along our way. We've also been making lots of new friends on the Heartland and Escapee's forums to keep an eye out for as we travel along "roads less traveled". Oh! Happy day!!

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