Friday, November 13, 2009

Standing out from the "crowd"

Here we have a visual clue as to why we call our home "The Nest". The name came from a "graphic" attempt to stand out from the crowd.

Originally, we thought to call our rig "The Cashmobile", but everyone kept associating that with the wrong kind of cash (the spendable kind) instead of Johnny "Cash" so that name fell by the wayside.

The name "Tsiyon Bound" is the title of our first messianic music CD and the inspiration that got us out on the road. It was on our way back to Texas from recording our first CD together (DannyLee's second) that the idea came for the "rambling band" to encourage anyone with "ears to hear" and "a heart to listen".

This wonderful team of people are from Chuck's Graphics (512)925-7047 in Manor, TX. Chuck came our way through the recommendation of a friend and he prevailed through my many graphic's mutations to come up with a final product. His girlfriend pitched in on my idea for our door art and added the little nest. Although the job remained challenging until the final sticky moments, Chuck stuck it out (literally!) and we have something we feel is very special to us.

Graphics don't come cheap, but the value added for advertising is priceless. People often come with questions that allow us to share our stories, our music and most importantly, our testimony of what YHVH has done in our lives. A few people have even figured out the secret message in our graphic's display and that always brings a smile to the miles!

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