Thursday, November 26, 2009

Defining "Family"

Life on the road presents some interesting questions particularly at this time of the year. The "call" to get together with "family" is strong even within people that find being with their families is far from being all that great. Sibling rivalries, old hurts and past haunts all serve to make holiday gatherings a minefield of potential conflicts and yet, people still find themselves hoping for that one perfect holiday where everything comes together in that "Hallmark" moment.

Unfortunately for most, such things are only found in Hollywood and in today's world, our view of family in terms of Grandma's, Grandpa's, Mom's, Dad's, Aunt's, Uncle's, cousins and all other such family ties has fallen short of our reality. For DannyLee and I, our families have long been scattered here and there about the face of the earth and any gathering is limited by the sheer distances involved. Add to that the complexities of life on the road and the challenges of bad weather driving with a large rig and the lure of a "family table" pales in comparison. After years in Thailand, I've long since learned to define "family" in terms of that old song, "Love the One You're With". It sure can make life a lot simpler.

That said, we were blessed this Thanksgiving with an invitation to a lovely dinner at the campground where we await parts for our rig repairs. We were surprised and delighted to find ourselves seated at a very long table with enough food for everyone to walk away groaning. While many at the table could claim "family ties" to one another, as we sat together sharing a meal, there was only the camaraderie of people coming together for one purpose - to eat and enjoy each others company. How simple it is to lay aside all the issues that tend to divide us in the face of sharing a good meal!

After the meal was eaten and the table was cleared, DannyLee entertained us all with some of his favorite songs and the children got in a few of their own. We waddled back to our Nest with sighs of contentment knowing that once again YHVH had HIS way and made a way for us to be a part of this family time. HIS kindness and consideration for us as always touches our hearts. HE truly is the "tie that binds us"! It is our prayer that your table was equally blessed no matter where you found yourself on this day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Standing out from the "crowd"

Here we have a visual clue as to why we call our home "The Nest". The name came from a "graphic" attempt to stand out from the crowd.

Originally, we thought to call our rig "The Cashmobile", but everyone kept associating that with the wrong kind of cash (the spendable kind) instead of Johnny "Cash" so that name fell by the wayside.

The name "Tsiyon Bound" is the title of our first messianic music CD and the inspiration that got us out on the road. It was on our way back to Texas from recording our first CD together (DannyLee's second) that the idea came for the "rambling band" to encourage anyone with "ears to hear" and "a heart to listen".

This wonderful team of people are from Chuck's Graphics (512)925-7047 in Manor, TX. Chuck came our way through the recommendation of a friend and he prevailed through my many graphic's mutations to come up with a final product. His girlfriend pitched in on my idea for our door art and added the little nest. Although the job remained challenging until the final sticky moments, Chuck stuck it out (literally!) and we have something we feel is very special to us.

Graphics don't come cheap, but the value added for advertising is priceless. People often come with questions that allow us to share our stories, our music and most importantly, our testimony of what YHVH has done in our lives. A few people have even figured out the secret message in our graphic's display and that always brings a smile to the miles!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're BACK!!!!

........on the road again!! YEEE-HAW!!

While this picture ain't nothin' like Texas, (I think I took this in Montana) that view of the open road spread out before our hood is one that stirs my heart with absolute joy. We headed out this morning for warmer parts and as we hit the road shouts of celebration reverberated throughout the truck. DannyLee just smiled quietly in tolerance of my extreme exuberance. I tried to explain to him that somehow, somewhere "gypsy blood" has become a part of me and there's nothing better than going somewhere/anywhere. It just stirs something in me deep inside.

Having a "home on wheels" means to me that we're a "traveling band" and we're just not meant to be sitting in some fancy parking lot somewhere for all that long. I'm not sure that I'll feel this way forever as we often meet people who tell us that they were once full-timers themselves but not anymore, but I confess that I've been this way for as long as I can remember. Whether my family traveled when I was a child or I was on a business trip during my career days or during my world travels, my heart still leaps with excitement at the airport, train station or at the beginning of long trip.

So there are lots more places out here to be explored and sights to see and many other things that we may just have to stop and take a good long look at along our way. We've also been making lots of new friends on the Heartland and Escapee's forums to keep an eye out for as we travel along "roads less traveled". Oh! Happy day!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Hitch Itch"

I learned a new phrase this week. While "touring" various RV forums and travel blogs, I came across the phrase "hitch itch". It was defined as that feeling that starts to grow on one while sitting in some RV parking spot for a little bit too long.

As I read the definition, I suddenly realized that I knew exactly how that felt and that was exactly what I've been feeling these last few days. We'd parked the rig for a month hoping to get some business and repairs done before heading out further south. Our business is done, but the repairs are on hold for now. I definately feel that our rig looks much better heading down the road on the way to somewhere then it does sitting in a parking space anywhere. It's been far too long since we've headed out singing "On the Road Again!". Time to get out the maps and park guides and get a destination fixed in our minds!