Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oklahoma in October???

Destination: Oklahoma
Purpose: Sukkot Celebration 2009
Timing: Hmmmm...............

Now one fact that may have escaped everyone's attention as they've been following our travels around the U.S. is just how much DannyLee and I are NOT good at being "cold". We loved our time in Montana, but found it a challenge in the "warmth" of their "summer". We actually saw some scattered snowflakes while we were visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park and retreated hastily. That leaves one to wonder at the wisdom of heading to Oklahoma in October with it's unpredictable weather patterns.

However, we had a reason, a very good reason to be in Oklahoma in October ---- Sukkot!! or the Feast of Tabernacles. It has long been my dream to be able to attend a Sukkot celebration with Lion and Lamb Ministry headed up by Monte Judah, and our circumstances made this possible for the first time ever. It was an incredible feeling just to drive up to the gate on our first day and be welcomed "home" as family. I was reduced to tears at the sight of the gate and it only got better as we got our "little sukka" set up. This weeklong event portends to be a very special time for us and we're very excited to see what HE has in store for us. PRAISE YHVH!!

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