Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Full Circle

In four and a half months, after nearly 15,000 miles, we have come full circle on the Encourage the Remnant Tour 2009. This map represents a rough overview of our route that took us from coast to coast starting from Texas and ending in Texas. We began by heading west and then east until we ran out of land and turned back to the west.

This trip was an incredible adventure for both of us and an overwhelming learning experience. Our loose plan and the changes and adaptations that we made as our circumstances dictated kept us on our toes from day to day. The overall expense of this undertaking was mainly affected by the cost of diesel fuel that varied from state to state and from month to month.

To share all that we have learned and to remember all the people that we met and were touched by on this journey will take lots of stories, far more than this blog can hold. To say that our lives have been changed is an understatement that is hardly worth noting. We can only imagine what the consequences of all that we've done will be in HIS Kingdom purposes for sending us on this journey. Some day all things will be made clear. Until then, we will keep our faces turned to HIM.

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