Monday, September 21, 2009

What Lies Ahead Will Soon Be Behind Us

Leaving North Carolina, we had two missions before us that would be as milestones in this long journey. Our destination was Myrtle Beach, SC where DannyLee had high hopes of making his mark on golfing history on one of the many golf courses that literally dominate the landscape of the Grand Strand.

While his ultimate dream is to one day play at Augusta in Georgia, Myrtle Beach came close to being a good second choice. We found a lovely RV park right on the coastline with a golf option at Prestwick C.C. I wasn't feeling all that well so he opted to hit the links alone on Wednesday. He had a good time, but golfing history will have to wait.

We topped off the day with a bit of rollicking fun in the surf. We put on our swimsuits and acted like a couple of kids as the waves tossed us to and fro with a surprising amount of force. The Atlantic Ocean is no place to let your guard down while playing in the surf. One wave can change things from fun to frightening in an instant. DannyLee's "security-self" was at the forefront as he watched over me in the thundering waves.

On Thursday morning, our neighbor came over with a need for a fourth on another golf course. Feeling the 18-holes of the previous day and attempting to be considerate of me, DannyLee almost turned down the chance to play another 18-holes at Indigo Creek for free, but I urged him to receive this special blessing that had come to him on his birthday weekend. This turned out to be a bit more challenging as there had been a lot of rain and golf carts were restricted to the cart paths. He was one tired guy that day - tired, but happy. I spent the day doing some necessary shopping in the Myrtle Beach tourist shops.

Our second mission here in Myrtle Beach was more simple, but no less important in our thinking. While in Oregon, on the Pacific coast, we'd searched long and hard for the perfect stone for this particular task. We'd found a small round stone and we'd placed it in the snack tray to carry it from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. We'd talked many times about this stone and what it meant to us to complete this little thing. It had no real outstanding meaning, but somehow it was symbolic of making the complete trip from one side of the U.S. to the other.

On our first evening in Myrtle Beach, we walked to the sea only a couple of hundred yards away to "do the deed". DannyLee launched that little Oregon beach stone as far out in the Atlanta as he was able and we waved good-bye as it splashed down somewhere out there closer to Israel. We found it funny that we'd missed Washington State and to balance things out, we ended up missing Florida too as our schedule seemed to compress on us. On Friday, we turned our backs to the Atlantic and started heading west to complete our circle.

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