Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"To Everything There is a Season"

Today we had to get up VERY early to drive VERY far - not one of my favorite things as DannyLee can tell you. I've just never been a "morning person". We woke up and entered into a fairyland of fog and mist that softened every curve of the mountain view.

As we drove, we were quiet as we contemplated the task that lay before us. Our plan was to record our most important CD project of the three we were here to do. This CD involved songs that had been in our hearts for several months, even before we began our "RV-life", and we were anxious for them to be the best we could make them.

The fog, however, had an even more ominous message to distract us from the day's events. While fog is common to these mountainous areas, this fog signified something more to come - the change in seasons. It was clearly, to my eyes, a "Fall fog" and it means that the heat of the summer will be gone soon and winter will be upon us.

While we've been aware of the increasing coolness of the nights and early mornings, neither of us are all that enthused about facing real cold weather. It brings up the topic of where we are to "winter" which is something that we've not yet received a clear instruction on from YHVH. Our first thoughts are of Texas as that comes closest for both of us as being our "home". There are clearly some decisions in this regard that won't be put off for long.

Full-time RV life is one learning experience after another and as we face this next "lesson", our prayer is that we will be led by HIM to the place where we can make a difference for others. We hope to be able to share our music and improve our Torah understanding as we do the repairs and improvements that will make our next road trip easier. We're blessed to know that HE has gone before us to prepare a place for us and we look forward to our next "season". Who knows where HIS leading will take us - only HE knows.

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