Thursday, September 3, 2009

"The Ties That Bind"

Our second CD recording of the month is a family-oriented collection of country gospel favorites. There are songs originally recorded by artists - Randy Travis, Don Williams, George Strait and others. DannyLee's silky baritone voice renders these tunes in a pleasing arrangement of gently uplifting songs.

The first two songs of the CD are dedicated to the memories of DannyLee's father and mother. "Go Rest High On The Mountain", originally sung by Vince Gill, is a combined narration and song for fathers. The song, "Angels", originally sung by Randy Travis, reveals the heart of mothers everywhere.

Many of the songs celebrate the special place that children have in our lives. A couple of songs, "Watching You" originally sung by Rodney Adkins, and "Love Without End, Amen" originally sung by George Strait, have long brought tears to DannyLee's eyes when he sings them. Every song on the CD has a special meaning in terms of family and the importance of family relationships. Hence, the title and the cover design for "The Ties That Bind".

More information on the songs and the stories behind the songs will eventually be available at DannyLee's blogsite - As before, all CD's are available by e-mail request until I figure out how to put a Paypal link on this blog.

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