Saturday, September 12, 2009

Singing for "Fleas"

On Saturday and Sunday, the Sweetwater Flea Market is a popular place or at least it used to be according to many of the "regulars" we met. This weekend would turn out to be one of the worst ever due to the various other events that were taking place in the area such as the State Fair, a big football game and more. Attendance was so low that it was nearly possible at times to see from one end of the huge building to the other.

We chose this weekend to make our first attempt at being "Fleas" or in other words, to make some money doing our karaoke and selling our CD's. All I can say about this venture is that we learned a lot! We will be making future forays into the Flea Markets that abound along the highways and byways of this country. We hope that our next engagement will have a much bigger turnout.

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