Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our "Ark" in troubled times

As we draw nearer to the east coast, our hearts
are drawn to just keep driving until we find our
way to the Land of HIS Promise - Israel. The problem with this, however, lies with the water-worthiness of our little "Nest". It's clear from our encounters with water on the inside that we're far from waterproof.

We tested this matter out for a second time simply by running a couple of loads of laundry "thinking" that both gray water tanks were open. We found that our thinking was wrong as a kind neighbor knocked on the door to inform us that a flood of water was pouring out of the underneath.

As I went to see what was wrong, I found the rugs in the bathroom/bedroom area were afloat on the water from the washing machine that was backfilling The Nest through the shower stall. It took pretty much the whole day to recover from this unexpected bath. The next day was a day of recording that went well enough considering the challenges of the day before.

One thing for sure, we have a VERY CLEAN Nest! I'm sure this isn't the recommended way to clean an RV, but it does force one to clean thoroughly. We're so grateful for products like baking soda and Fabreeze. This can be a very small space if odors are allowed to flourish unchecked!

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