Thursday, September 10, 2009

"On Holy Ground"

This is our final CD project of this month and it was the most exciting one for me. My two favorite songs were finally going to be recorded and available to be shared with anyone interested in hearing YHVH's heart songs that HE had shared with us. The few people that have been blessed with an opportunity to hear these songs have been touched by HIS love, HIS mercy, and HIS grace.

These two songs are "Yeshua", a re-write from Dolly Parton's original song "Jolene" and "The Carpenter", a re-write from the song "The Highwayman" originally sung by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and of course, Johnny Cash. Both of these messianic gospel songs have shown forth HIS power as we've sung them during times of ministry. I often ask DannyLee to sing them for me when I feel myself struggling to stay uplifted in discouraging moments. They never fail to remind me of how much greater HE is then all that is in this world.

Another song, the title song of this CD "On Holy Ground" has waited even longer to be released due to licensing issues that DannyLee struggled to resolve with the owners of the original song. The original song, "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by the Eagles hasn't been released on very many karaoke labels so it was difficult to find a background that we could get a license to record. As always YHVH went before us and made a way for this song to be on this CD also.

This song held an even deeper place in our hearts as it is the "fleece" that YHVH answered to convince me that DannyLee and I were a part of HIS plan in bringing us together as one. It was a joy to be able to record it on this CD as a part of our testimony of HIS greatness. This enables HIS gift of music to us to be able to go forth far beyond the reach of our "Nest" and we can share it with those that have a "heart to listen" and "an ear to hear".

DannyLee worked long and hard to make sure that he would be able to sing every song to the very best of his ability. This was complicated by changing the backgrounds on "Yeshua" and "The Carpenter" just after we arrived here in TN, and forced him to have to relearn the songs anew. Although it was a challenge, we both agreed that the new backgrounds took both songs to a whole new level of intensity.

The cover artwork for the CD came from our trip to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park where DannyLee stood in the cold at nearly 12,000 feet with little bits of snow flitting about us. Needless to say, we raced back to the truck after the pictures were done. One young lady attempted to capture the moment on her own camera as we were shooting, but missed her chance by a couple of seconds and ran away before we could offer her another.

This CD, as are all the others is available for $10 plus postage by sending an e-mail to DannyLee has a Paypal account and he could hook you up there.

As always our recording experience with Tennessee Productions, Inc. and Big Mama Recording Studios, part of Chartbuster's Karaoke, was excellent. Gretchen Foister worked hard to ensure that our scheduling, artwork and overall experience was up to their high standards. While Jamie Townsend, our Recording/Mastering Engineer worked equally as hard to make sure that each song was recorded, mixed and presented with the best possible sound. We were very grateful to have their professionalism and expertise to make this CD another success.

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