Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love Like A River

This month's focus has been on recording three new CD's by DannyLee Whittle. The first CD we recorded was a collection of love songs that have special meaning for both of us. As a tribute to the love between us, two songs on the CD are duets with DannyLee singing harmony to my inexperienced efforts.

Several of the songs are also a tribute to the special love relationship that Johnny Cash had with his wife, June Carter Cash. Cash fans can enjoy old favorites like "Ring of Fire", "I Walk the Line" and "Flesh and Blood", for example, done in DannyLee's own artistic tribute to Johnny Cash.

The partnership of "Johnny and June" has long been an inspiration and hope in DannyLee's life. More of this story is available at his blogsite - There are other background stories relating to the other songs selected for the CD that will eventually be shared at his blogsite. All of his CD's are currently available by e-mail request until I figure out how to add a Paypal option to our blogs.

The cover artwork for this CD is an artistic rendering of a picture we took of the beautiful Yaak River in Montana. The pristine beauty of Montana and the majesty of that river inspired us. Our love pales in comparison to the perfect love that comes from our FATHER in Heaven. It is our hope that this little CD will find it's way to those that hunger for love.

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