Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Ties

We left South Carolina and turned our sights on Alabama to spend some time with family members both old and new. Our time was short, but we'd waited since early spring for the chance to welcome the newest member - William, our first great-grandson! Our family has been expanded to six living generations with the addition of this special blessing. What joy a baby brings!

Here we have pictures of William with his mother, my granddaughter Pamela, and of William's grandfather, my son Christopher. William has an abundance of grandparents extending all the way to my grandmother who is his great-great-great grandmother. While the distances between all of us will probably never allow us to all get together to record this matter, it's still exciting to be able to see our family continuing to grow.

Chris wowed all of us with his extensive culinary skills and cooked two excellent dinners with dessert. Debbie wanted to have a chance at cooking for us too, but time ran out and the option of having gyros for DannyLee's first time was too hard to pass up. The gyros were good, but nothing compared to the hummus that came alongside them. We finished up a dish of that on the road to Mobile wishing all along that there was just a little more. YUM!!

William's grandmother, my daughter-in-law Debbie, has taught herself how to knit as her way of embracing being a grandparent and in a month has developed some impressive skills. I'll have to settle for taking pictures as such things as knitting are beyond me. Maybe being his great-grandmother excuses me from having to learn any special skills.......... Robert and John, my grandsons seemed to have taken to the role of being uncles quite well. Growing up with his father, John, and all the other men of this family taking an active role in his life, William just might be a very "rough and tumble" kind of guy. He's a very blessed child to have such a loving family to welcome him.

DannyLee was equally blessed in Alabama, not only by having the chance to meet my family, but we were able to spend an afternoon with a cousin that he hadn't seen for nearly 50 years. We spent Tuesday driving nearly to Mobile, AL to have dinner with Patty. She blessed us with a wonderful southern style supper and we were able to share our music and testimony with her. It's not too much of a stretch to say that she lives somewhat "off the beaten path". We ran out of "pavement" still quite a ways from her abode. We hope to be able to make the trip to Alabama again some time soon.

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