Friday, September 11, 2009

Entertaining the Masses - a Few at a time!

This weekend promised to be a VERY busy time of setting up and tearing down equipment with long bouts of singing in between. Our scheduling of "events" isn't all that polished yet and we found ourselves facing three consecutive days of gigs. Our attitude at this point is to be excited about having any gigs at all as scheduling is tricky as we move around the country.

Our first gig was an evening at Raccoon Valley RV Park here in TN. We'd been watching rigs pull out of the park all week and as the spaces between us all grew larger, our hopes for a "crowd" quickly shrank. No matter! DannyLee's happy to sing for his fans whether there's just one - me! or a whole bunch. This little group had lots of requests and a couple of karaoke volunteers that were willing to step up to the mike so it was a fun evening for all.

We now have Saturday and Sunday's event at the Sweetwater Flea Market to look forward to - more on that in the next post!

Addendum: I realized after I posted this post, that I probably haven't ever explained anywhere in this blog just what it is that we're doing to "make a living" as we make this journey that we're on. While this journey itself was began as a kind of ministry trip to encourage believers, but most especially those that have received the revelation of being "the remnant" of Scripture, as our contacts have been cut off or fizzled out, this trip has morphed into being more about discovering HIM and our place in HIS end-time plans.

The "work" that we do is showcasing DannyLee's talent as a "Johnny Cash Tribute Artist" and our karaoke business. As we travel about, we try to set up "gigs" to do karaoke while DannyLee "fills in the quiet spots" with beautiful renditions of Johnny Cash and various other country and gospel favorites. His singing is always a crowd-pleaser as we find country music fans everywhere we go. "Johnny Cash" fans come in all ages and denominations and we're never surprised when some teenager comes up to us raving about Johnny's songs.

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