Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Big Mama's Karaoke Cafe" - Seymour, TN

DannyLee couldn't pass up one last chance to sing on the stage at "Big Mama's Karaoke Cafe". On our last night in Tennessee, we got in the truck with a new friend, Diane and headed south to Seymour. It was a long drive, but DannyLee never minds a drive when he's at the wheel. Wednesday nights are family nights and the crowd was pretty small. No matter! That just meant that DannyLee and Diane got to sing all of their favorite songs.

For a fun experience, the Karaoke Cafe is a highlight of any trip through the little town of Seymour with a great big stage. The food's not too bad either!

Our evening in Seymour concluded with an unplanned and unwelcome little venture onto the backroads due to a serious accident on the highway. We were forced to take a strange detour on roads meant for light residential traffic along with hundreds of other motorists on a dark and rainy night. The road was so narrow with deep ditches, overhanging trees and no markings of any kind that it would be a challenge at any time of the day for my cowboy and his big pickup truck. In order to get through some of the areas, we were forced to pull in both side mirrors and drive very slowly.

On a funny note, after we'd received driving directions from the man that turned us off the main highway for this little diversion, we heard him tell the guy behind us to "Follow him!" We had to laugh at those words as we didn't have any confidence either in his directions or our ability to follow them through the darkness. Fortunately, the heavy oncoming traffic was a sure clue that we were headed in the right direction and we eventually found our way back to the highway and headed home.

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