Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When trouble comes........

I heard this story that was an illustration of how people react when things go wrong. It likened people to being "full buckets". When something in life goes wrong, and these "full buckets" get 'bumped', what splashes out of those buckets reveals what has been kept hidden inside of our hearts.

If we are filled with HIS peace, HIS love and HIS grace, the "splashes" are painless and don't cause anyone any hurt or discomfort. If we're filled with anger or fear or anything negative, what's going to splash out is going to harm anyone within range as they lash out. With that thought, I try to pay attention in my life to what "splashes" out of my "bucket" when a crisis comes. Our little adventure here seems determined to provide lots of "bumps" in order to test my resolve in this.

One of those "bumps" came in a big way on Tuesday as we left Rose's house and resumed our journey southward to visit DannyLee's home town in central Illinois. As we came to a little town called Albany on a "glorified highway" that consisted of two lanes and not much more, one of the tires on the passenger side of "The Nest" literally exploded into pieces. I heard a strange noise and started looking around for the source only to see chunks of black and white "stuff" flying off of the side of the trailer.

I shouted to DannyLee that he had to STOP RIGHT NOW! as parts continued to fly. He managed to pull off the road as much as he was able as I leaped out to assess the damage. It was far more than we could have imagined from such an event and we focused on how to stay safe and get help. People appeared from different directions with offers of help and suggestions and within minutes we actually had a large service truck on site. He quickly changed the tire for the spare which was critical as there wasn't any shoulder on the road we were on and led us the two miles down the road to the tire repair shop.

There we were able to determine a little better how much damage "The Nest" had sustained. The blow-out took out lots of electrical wiring for lights and the brakes and ripped all of the plastic molding from around the wheel well. Fortunately, DannyLee was able to stop quickly and I stood and watched as all the air slowly leaked out of the tire lowering the trailer down onto the rim. This act of Providence saved us from damaging the rim or even worse blowing out the second tire and possibly losing the trailer completely. Our "provision" wasn't to end there however.

This blow-out made us realize that the tires on "The Nest" were not adequate. We'd asked the dealer three times about the tires and had been reassured that all was well with them. In the end, my best advice from this experience is always trust "your gut". We do wish that we had done that and replaced these tires at the get-go. Some things are better not learned from experience. We told the shop to replace all four tires on "The Nest" in the hope of preventing any future repeats of this event.

After we'd paid for the repairs and new tires, and we prepared to get back on the road, we learned another lesson about how YHWH goes before us to prepare the way. The owner of the shop, HARRY's FARM TIRE told us that 15-20 minutes prior to our arrival, the tire delivery truck had come. He delivered two of the four tires that we needed just as we needed them. The shop only had two trailer tires that morning, but as our FATHER promises, HE met our needs. We drove out of Albany on four new tires.

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  1. Isn't HE amazing? When I was around 20, my younger brother and I found ourselves alone at home, with little to eat, and we were abit scared of what tomorrow held, but he said to me "Let's pray", and we prayed. I think our greatest reason to pray was because we did not know how to handle tomorrow and its challenges. The very next day, a man that used to be a friend of my dad came to our house from a town alittle far from ours, with milk about 10 liters, meat about 3kgs, and alot of fruits and vegetables. When he found us alone, he was surprised, but he left us with the cash he had. That taught me that tomorrow was not mine to worry about, and I worry alot less about things I have no control over, and leave them to HIM who has all the control.
    Thank you for sharing.