Friday, August 7, 2009

Weathering the "storms" of life

Yesterday, we spent several pleasant hours examining this week's Torah portion and other related Scriptures. As we studied Moses' words to the people, not only of his generation, but words that extend to all those that live in this, the last generation as well, our hearts were lifted up with joy to hear HIS message as clear as it was in the day that Moshe delivered it. Having grown up in the traditions of dead religion, it is clearly a delight (Psalm 119) to cast off the bonds of human logic and false teaching and come back to the very foundations of The Gospel. We find ourselves constantly falling back in love with our first love - The Living Word Himself,
Y'shua Ha'maschiach.

The evening brought us a storm that rocked our little "Nest" with howling winds that whistled across the vast Plains. Lightening flashed and thunder growled as we sat snugly in the midst of it all confident in HIS protection. Our little green friend here appears to be refreshed by his (?) rather violent shower and his feet remain firmly lashed to his foundation. I'm reminded of the safety that comes from being fully rooted and grounded in the foundation of HIS Torah. This has definately changed our lives for the better.

Today we drove to the nearest "large" town in search of a supermarket to restock our food supplies. As we pushed our empty cart up and down the aisles of a Safeway, we both reeled with sticker shock at the prices on the most basic foodstuffs. We're not fancy eaters and are happy enough to eat fairly simple food like hot dogs, spaghetti and such, but the prices of things like cookies, chips and cereal seemed outrageous. I realize part of my problem is the 11-year gap of having lived abroad has caused me to miss the slow rise of prices, but I can't help wondering how people are able to put food on the table at all these days.

We did have one funny moment that caused us to laugh and laugh. We had worked out some menu options and headed back to the meat counter to see if we could afford to get some hamburger. We were only hoping for a little bit to "beef" up the spaghetti not expecting to get much. DannyLee was walking ahead of me and had stopped in front of some small packages to check the price. As I followed him, I suddenly noticed one of those 3-pound rolls of hamburger literally rolling right towards me. It definately caught my attention as it had no apparent reason to be moving at all. I checked the price and found that it was on clearance for a $1 a pound. Angels at work in the supermarket..............................hmmmm! Yes, we are blessed!

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