Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tripping down "Memory Lane"

After our little tour of my "roots", we headed south to Washington, IL to seek out DannyLee's "Humble Beginnings". Despite the many years that have passed since his family moved from IL to TX, he was able to find the earliest home he can remember in Creve Couer. It took him a little longer to determine the whereabouts of their later home in Washington. Lots of things change in 46 years.

To commemorate this visit to his past, he played a round of golf on the first golf course that whetted his appetite for the sport. Back in those early days, he had an 8-stroke handicap. Despite all the intervening years of practice, he was unable to best his record there. I dare not tell you his score lest I find myself walking. (Just kidding!) The highlight of his game was the little fawn that decided the presence of golfers was not enough to deter him from enjoying an afternoon snack of clover in the middle of the driving range. Very cute!

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