Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs!

Y'shua's disciples asked HIM what would be the signs that they should look for concerning HIS return. HIS answer is found in Matthew chapter 24 and many have attempted to fit HIS Words into some sort of historical time frame. I've heard it said that there are more people alive today that believe that this generation we're in now is the last generation prophesied before HIS return as KING of KINGS. We are people that believe that this is the last generation and we live our lives with the hope that we can help people to prepare for what lies between us and HIS glorious return as outlined in the Book of Revelation.

This is no easy task as the enemy has spent the time since Y'shua's death and resurrection creating enough lies, confusion and basic misinformation to keep most people in the dark. Y'shua rebuked HIS disciples saying that they were able to read the signs of weather, planting, harvesting and other such things, but they were ignorant of the signs of the times they lived in. That ignorance persists today with the majority of believers having accepted the lie that we can't know anything about the timing of HIS return. The Scriptures tell a different story and as we try to share them with the people that we love, we find that most aren't interested in having this event as a part of their lifetime. How grieved our Messiah must be as HE longs to be rejoined with HIS Bride.

We found this little "Jackson" sign in Garden City, MN. Good luck finding that little blip on a map! It seems that our "Jackson" theme is more interested in following us than we are. We drove past Jackson, S.D. and Jackson, MN on our way here with little more than passing interest.

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