Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving "grace"

There’s so much grace that comes to us unnoticed and unappreciated as we go through our lives. Some day in eternity, we may well be shocked at how many times “Divine intervention” has been all that has stood between us and an untimely end.

That grace was more than apparent to us today as we stood outside Camper’s Corner in Nashville, TN with two of their techs. We had driven (without incident) from the tire shop in IL to Nashville, TN. Facing a mountainous drive east, and concerned about possible hidden damage and the brake’s wiring, we made an appointment to have “The Nest” checked out.

The prognosis was not good. We found that we had absolutely no brakes on the trailer at all. The guys at the tire shop had tried to help us with the wiring, but little did they know, the wires had been literally ripped from their source.

There’s lots of good news in all this. The experts at Camper’s Corner were able to resolve the wiring problems and get us back on the road in a little under an hour. We were overjoyed to find that the brakes were back to normal and especially so as we faced some steep climbs and descents heading east. We rejoiced in HIS covering and protection and HIS provision in this another day.

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