Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Friends, but not Forgotten!

In Garden City, MN we found this campground far off of every "beaten path" courtesy of our Passport America membership. DannyLee originally thought it was about 60 miles from Minneapolis, but that 60 turned into over 100 miles as we drove as fast as we could to meet up with one of his oldest friends and his wife.

DannyLee and his friend, Don were licensed as Southern Baptist ministers back in 1970 on the same day, in the same church. They ministered together as Pastor and Minister of Music for a couple of years or so before their lives diverged in different directions. Although they've taken different paths, their love of YHWH and their desire to serve HIM have not diminished over all the intervening years. We spent a fun evening catching up on the things that YHWH has done in our lives before heading back to "The Nest".

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