Saturday, August 15, 2009

How the "other half" lives.

Boating is one of those hobbies that never took hold in my life in a big way. I can handle a canoe or a rowboat on a nice quiet lake or a lazy river, but sailing out into the ocean or braving the "high seas" just didn't fit. That hasn't kept me from appreciating the excitement of such ventures of sailing around the world in however many days. I just never saw myself in that scenario.

On Saturday, we went to Lake Michigan to see the "nests" of the "boating crowd" as we took a walk along the shore. The range of boats from the smallest to the biggest is very wide and every turn brought another boat name to ponder. The most memorable for all the wrong reasons was the boat named "FISHFOOD" and we all agreed that this boat would not be the one for us. We can only wonder at the owner's intent on that one.

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