Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hanging out "tractor-style" in Nebraska

Needing a break from the hectic pace of the last couple of months, we decided to find a quiet place to retreat and re-examine our resolve to follow HIM in all of HIS ways. We don't consider this to be a lack of faith on our part, but we find it is a necessary part of our walk with HIM. It's easy to let discouragement creep in or to get "off-focus" when the ways of the world are constantly trying to beat us down. HE tells us to "be still and know HIM" (my paraphrase) and we find there's great wisdom in doing this as often as we can. It keeps all the efforts of the enemy and those he uses to attack us in perspective. When YHWH is for you, who can stand against you?

Our place of retreat is a tiny little roadside RV park in a town barely big enough to have a post office with a main street less than a 1/2 mile long. It's just right for us and for our needs, however, and we enjoy the tractors and other various kinds of farm equipment that parades past our "Nest" each day. There are a couple of cows and lots of outbuildings but no actual staff assigned to watch over this venture. We simply showed up one day, picked up an envelope of instructions and parked ourselves right in the middle of this field. Payment is on the "honor system" and every morning the spaces around us empty as people get back on the road.

Each day, people pull in and park their rigs here and there, filling out their envelopes and taking a short break from their travels before heading out again. This evening we find ourselves surrounded by a bevy of Class A's on every side. They started pulling in and parking early in the day and by evening, there were 6 or 7 parked for the night. As the lone fifth-wheel, we're feeling a bit small tonight. We'll welcome the Shabbat in the midst of all of this somewhere in Nebraska knowing that HE knows right where we are, amen?

Today we faced a bit of a puzzle as we ran out of LP gas for the first time ever. We were able to determine clearly that our tanks were empty, but we weren't exactly sure why. We have two tanks and we had thought that we would use up one tank and then switch to the other and use it up. We haven't had to switch to the second tank as of yet, so we were surprised today when making the switch to find there was nothing to switch to.

A trip to the little "mom and pop" grocery store found us hesitantly asking if there was a way to get LP gas out here. With a bemused look (probably wondering at where we'd wandered in from), we were told to walk to the gas station 2 doors down and just get some more there. Hmm...............could anything really be that easy??? It was just that easy and the man from the gas station hopped into his propane truck and drove right over to "The Nest" and filled us back up. We then had to go back to the gas station when he was done to settle our bill and the problem was solved. We were relieved to have overcome another "hurdle" without making some sort of mess or breaking something else.

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