Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fresh Start (or should I say re-Start?)

Today we left Nebraska and pointed ourselves east with a slight northerly lean as we headed towards Minneapolis to meet up with a couple of DannyLee's oldest friends and I'm not referring to their age, but to the length of this friendship.

We passed through miles and miles and miles of South Dakota's vast, empty expanse seeing lots of Harley Davidson motorcycles along the way. We're not sure what motorcycle rally was ongoing or breaking up at that time, but there were plenty of riders and bikes to admire.

I took this picture trying to be funny like he's wearing a funny beanie hat with a VERY LARGE twirly thingie on top, but he wasn't tall enough to make the connection. We made it to Souix Falls, S.D. by evening and stopped in at the local Wal-mart for the night.

We've encountered a new technical problem with "The Nest" and one of it's "feet". It seems that it took a hit when we dropped the trailer in Oregon and the brackets and bolts are quite mutilated. We had to completely disassemble the whole thing to get it off the ground when we left Nebraska. We were able to find the parts we needed and have been able to resolve this for now. We'll be looking into making a more "beautiful" repair a little further on down the road.

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