Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crossing the "Great Divide" aka the Mississippi River!

For whatever HIS reasons, crossing the Mississippi River somehow presented itself as a hurdle to be faced. Our resolve to walk forward with HIM had been clearly tested in the weeks before and we felt strengthened in our commitment to go ahead with HIM leading our way. Crossing the bridge would show far more than we could know or understand on this day.

As we left Minneapolis and headed south, we found ourselves eagerly looking ahead to what lay before us, east of the Great River. As we reached the bridge at La Crosse, WI, I started to cry with a mixture of relief and joy that we had made it through all that had gone before and were entering into a new chapter of this journey. Little did we know the surprises that were already lined up for us in the next few days. What an awesome and loving FATHER we have in YHWH!

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