Sunday, August 2, 2009

Captivated by Colorado

Having been "on the road" for nearly two months, it's somehow strange to realize that we've spent 25 days of that time in Colorado. It wasn't our intention to spend that much time in this particular state, but circumstances will have their way with us. We spent 10 days west of the Rockies and after our jaunt to Montana, we spent 15 days east of the Rockies.

We did find some time to enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park. We took a drive up into the mountains where we saw the briefest of snow showers that turned into manic rain by the time we'd beaten a path back to "The Nest". Most of our time here, however, was spent on far less leisurely activities and we are taking a brief respite from our hectic pace.

Today we set our backs to the Rockies and headed north and east in our quest to reach the Atlantic Ocean before it starts getting really cold. We've got some stops planned along the way before we see the sea, but time marches quickly and seems to be moving ever faster as end time events continue to press us forward to the end of The Book. Our efforts to share our thoughts in this have been met with polite apathy for the most part. For most people out here on the road life goes on as usual and there's nothing to indicate anything is amiss to those attuned to the media's world view. "As in the days of Noah..."

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