Friday, July 17, 2009

Wyoming is for cowboys!

DannyLee assures me that there are much more scenic parts of Wyoming than the route we took to get to Denver. I sure hope so. The area we passed through was void of greenery for the most part and trees were scarce. After the lush green scenery of Montana, Wyoming seemed almost barren. It continues to amaze us how each state seems to have it's own distinctive look and feel. I think back to the pioneers traveling across this vast landscape and marveling at the changes that unrolled with the miles. Of course, they were traveling at a much slower pace so the tedium of some of these landscapes must have seemed discouraging at times. We're moving so fast that it's not uncommon to move from mountains to valleys to vast plains all in one day.

At one point along the highway, we were treated to the sight of a lone cowboy on his horse silhouetted against the sky high up on a ridge. It was a unique moment that highlighted for us the special character of Wyoming. We spent a windy night in Rawlings, WY with a pizza and a quick visit to the downtown area. Trains have played an important role in the development of America and this little town has a beautiful train station. We were happy that we took the time to take a look. Tomorrow we're back on the road heading south to Denver.

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