Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why study "Torah"?

After my previous post, I was meditating on the thoughts that I had shared and in my spirit, I heard someone ask the question, "Why study "Torah"? Isn't "Torah" just some ancient history that doesn't mean all that much to us today? Aren't you just wasting your time in Torah study?" I realized that these are excellent questions and they deserve an answer.

Before I share my thoughts on "why", I'd like to ask one question of my own. This question comes from my Torah studies and straight from the Scriptures.

During the "greater Exodus", what is the one thing that you MUST carry in your pack with you at all times?

NOTE: This item is extremely critical to your survival during the "greater Exodus"!

If you've studied Torah, you know the answer and you have an excellent chance of making it all the way to the Kingdom without suffering physical death. If you haven't, this is the perfect illustration of "Why study Torah?" Torah teaches us how we are to live following in the ways and commandments that YHWH has given us as HIS people. These teachings cover every aspect of our lives from the very practical aspects of food to the spiritual guidelines of worship and beyond.

During the first Exodus, the people faced ten tests in the wilderness. If you know your Bible history, you know that only two people passed these tests and made it all the way to the Promised Land from Egypt. The others died in the wilderness and only their children and grandchildren entered into the Land. Paul teaches us that all Scripture is useful for teaching. Torah is the foundation. All Scripture is based on understanding the foundation. Studying Torah gives us a solid foundation to understand that the Bible is one book from beginning to end with one purpose - to instruct us in HIS ways.

As believers, we are faced with the "end-time" events that lead to the "greater Exodus". Many still cling to the hope that I am wrong in saying this and I wish them well. We have laid down our lives to serve HIS purposes in these last days believing that all that the Scriptures say are true and the "end-times" are now. It's our prayer that HIS people will wake up to the truth and start to act on their beliefs. Our prayers are with you all!

P.S. The first person to respond to this post with the correct answer to my question citing Scripture and verse will receive a free autographed copy of DannyLee's first CD "Humble Beginnings". Let the "games" begin!

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